Blockchain community-based venture capital fund giving you the opportunity to invest in crypto ventures before they are listed on public markets. We have an exclusive team working on giving our investors the best deals in the industry with the same rounds as top-tier VC funds. We are more than just smart money, we are BlackNode.

Total ROI so far: 81x

What we do

Our main goal inside BlackNode is to deliver the best block-chain based projects to small investors, so now for the first time, you can be part of the premium investment deal as we will make it possible for everyone with investment capital and good experience inside crypto industry.

One of our best assets is a team that is responsible for these deals to happen and delivering you top-tier projects in seed and private rounds for at least 3x below the public price. We aim either for the most hyped all-star, team-based project or first movers in the industry as it has shown that they made the best results with the smallest risk exposure.

For years of crypto this was only available for whales, now we want to deliver this opportunity to small-door investors and give them the ability to participate in one of the best returns on investments, since crypto existence.


Celestial Ventures is our proud partner. As we operate together, we have some teams connected that are working on making all deals happen. We decided to open our doors to the public because we saw huge success with our partner.

This is our investment portfolio
that we successfully closed in 2023

BlackNode Team

JeRoFounder & CEO

One of the BlackNode founders is JeRo. As he participated in building multiple crypto and NFT projects as well as launching his own, he built a great chain of networks for closing premium deals on the market with top-tier projects. Also, he is a financial analyst, a global macro trader in private equity, and an owner of multiple trading floors. His experience in private deal investing and raising capital is adding a lot of value to BlackNode.

Robert H.Co-founder & CTO

Robert is the most well-known crypto influencer in Eastern Europe, with the highest level of credibility and trust. He is the owner of multiple crypto-trading related books as well as the owner of a private crypto newsletter group. He has 1000+ students. What separates him from others are his early public calls and good reputation. He has over six years of experience in crypto, which gives him an advantage in identifying the best new cycle investments.

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